Who is OMNI GeoX?.

The Team

A key objective of OMNI GeoX is to operate with a tight team structure that ensures a quality service is provided to our clients at all times. Our employees are an integral part of the organisation and are actively engaged with a strong voice on the direction and culture.

Engagement and motivation is addressed through clear and open communications (reflected by a flat management structure), maintenance of training and qualifications and a clear understanding of a work/life balance.

Our personnel structure is considered modular and can be expanded and scaled either by new staff or specific consultants to suit any requirement a client may have.


Provision of Specialised Field Operatives

OMNI GeoX provides experienced Senior Geologists that are involved on a project management basis. This includes project assessment, targeting, program planning, the operational risk process and then field assessments and reporting.
OMNI GeoX Field Operatives deliver unique capabilities operating in remote and hostile environments. The Operatives are all experienced and highly trained personnel. They deliver skills ranging from geotechnical support, medical support through to specialist communication capabilities.


Roles and Responsibilities

The OMNI GeoX team is driven by a strong Code of Ethics based on “We say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we do what we say we will do”.

Each employee has a clear understanding of their role and the associated responsibilities through a set of agreed key performance indicators.

  • Principal Consultant – Corporate
  • Development of Corporate Strategy
  • Development of Exploration Strategy
  • Creation of Strategic and Business Plans
  • Project reviews, technical assessments and valuation reports
  • Operational Risk Assessments
  • Communications with all Stakeholders
  • Mentoring and Training
  • Principal Consultant – Technical
  • Targeting and development of exploration programs
  • Project Management of field exploration programs
  • Operational Risk Assessments
  • Training
  • Client liaison
  • Development of Risk Assessment and Field Management Systems
  • Personnel Management
  • Management of Field Operatives
  • Workplace Health, Safety & Environment
  • Logistics Management
  • Field Communications
  • Business Development
  • Client Liaison
  • Research & Development
  • Contract Management
  • Marketing
  • Systems Management
  • Remote area on-ground Project Management
  • Project Risk Assessments
  • Field Work
  • Maintenance of the 4×4 vehicles and associated equipment
  • Technical evaluations
  • Targeting and development of exploration programs
  • Field work
  • Project risk assessments
  • Data management – database and GIS
  • Collection and storage of data sets
  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Accounts payable and payroll
  • Document management
  • HR Function
  • Contract Administration


The Board of Directors

The OMNI GeoX Board of Directors will ensure strong corporate governance principles are adhered to and will provide clear guidance for the company’s strategy and performance.

Position Name
Chairman Nick Caldwell
Managing Director Peter Langworthy
Excecutive Director Scott Brown